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making sense of things with circles

May 21st, 2010  |  Published in Picture This

After a walk in the sunshine and some reflections on the conversity model and life, I came up with this sketch of what I think are the most important things in life: love, knowledge and (to some extend) money.

the "life cycle"

the "life cycle"

Surprise, surprise.

I don’t want to bore you with long explanations of this [writing my bachelor report is enough for now].

Instead, just a bit of food for though:

1. amateur comes from the Latin word amore, love. So somebody who is an amateur does it because he loves it. Thanks, Alexandros.

2. a-more is the absence of more, death (more Latin). More on that at the School for Gods.

So what are you focusing life on today?

  • Relations to yourself or others?
  • Spending or getting money?
  • Acquiring or disseminating knowledge?