Let’s get visual – people, places, things.

May 21st, 2009  |  Published in Picture This  |  1 Comment

Since reading “The Back of the Napkin” by Dan Roam, I’ve been regularly doing little napkin sketches on the thoughts roaming around my head.

To keep this visual memory for a longer period of time, I’m taking one of 2 steps.

a) do the sketch on my tablet pc in OneNote

b) do it on a small paper slip

But how does it end up here?

a) I can turn it into a blog post via OneNote and publish it through the Word Blog Interface.

b) I scan all sketches, edit them in paint (crap, i know) and upload them in a regular post or through a).

To start of this irregular series, here’s a sketch from this morning, based around the notion of the dawn of Linked Data and the possible ways of connecting each bit with one another.

people, places, things

people, places, things

I won’t go into detail about each of the items, but here’s the gist:

- most importantly, there’s people, places and things

- if you (person) are at a place you are experiencing some kind of event

- if you are on vacation or travelling, that’s a series of events, each tying you to a particular place

On any of these nodes (p,p,t) you might of course create any kind of media: pictures, videos, text or combinations of those (a story).

An if you are browsing the info already there, you can of course go from person to person (social graph) or place to place (map).

If you go from thing to thing (shopping), you might end up owning/buying something that you like (or don’t own yet). That’s called Amazon.

If you like these kinds of posts, watch out for more to come in the coming month on “Picture This”.

Leave your comments with links to your sketches, people, places or things.

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